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One of the Leap2A categories

An entry must not be associated with more than one term of this scheme. Use e.g.

<category scheme="categories:audience#" term="Private" label="for my eyes only" />

or in full, without CURIEs,

<category scheme="http://wiki.leapspecs.org/2A/categories/audience#" term="Private" label="for my eyes only" />

The default category is "Shareable".


The item is marked as private, for viewing by the portfolio holder only. When marked as such, importing systems should do what they can to protect such an entry from being visible to others.


The item may be intended for viewing by other people, but this may be a restricted group, and the item may not be public.

This is the default category.

Being in this category does not (and cannot) imply any particular level of viewing permission to any category of people. Viewing permissions in general should be dealt with using a separate approach.

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