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One of the Leap2A categories

An entry may be associated with any number of terms from this scheme. Use e.g.

<category scheme="categories:life_area#" term="Family" label="Family responsibilities" />

or in full, without CURIEs,

<category scheme="http://wiki.leapspecs.org/2A/categories/life_area#" term="Work" label="Employment" />

with the term drawn from the list. The label is optional, and may be used to note any variant term used by the portfolio holder, or used by the exporting system.

This category vocabulary is grounded in a range of vocabularies including IMS LIP and UKLeaP, with additions motivated by usage in partner e-portfolio systems.



development (personal and/or professional)
The meaning of this category is exclusively related to the portfolio holder, not to the development of anyone else, nor any social or economic development. There are obviously issues with drawing the line between this and Education. If something is known as "personal development", "professional development", or has "development" as a key part of its title, then it should be categorised here as "Development". There is no problem with categorising an activity both as Development and as Education.


learning or being taught in the course of upbringing or for general purposes
By far the most frequent activities in this category will be managed by an educational institution of some kind. However, this category includes home education; activities planned by someone else as "educational"; and activities planned by oneself as "educational". The category's meaning thus relies on the common understanding of the terms "education" and "educational". Some Education activities may also be Development.


business or organisational activity which is not ordinary employment or self-employment
This includes entrepreneurial activity, setting up businesses, and the like. Ordinary self-employment as a professional or trades person is not usually enterprise.


family care (or similar; unpaid)
This includes child care, and care of elderly or infirm relatives.


involuntary (e.g. illness, hospitalization, detention)


or recreation, hobby, pastime or sport
This kind of activity would probably not be designed primarily to benefit someone else.


national service, or any other compulsory national scheme
In combination, this category can be used to designate things related to a nation or state.


done for any personal reason that is not covered better by other categories, or that the holder does not wish anyone to know


work placement, internship or apprenticeship: a limited time of work-like activity designed to allow the acquisition of skills, etc. and on terms that are not the same as regular employment (e.g. less or no pay, less responsibility)


activity etc. with political motivation, e.g. campaigning or canvassing for political parties; standing for election to a political position; serving in a political post (which may not be paid)


activity etc. motivated by religious obligation, custom, or conviction


for specific skills / abilities usable in the context of work
Sport or personal fitness activities should be not be classified here, but as Leisure.


for its own sake, rather than in the course of one of the other categories


where the exporting system cannot categorise the item in the given categories – it is uncertain whether it belongs to any of the other categories
Atom's label attribute may be used to give human-readable information on the life area in any terms used by the exporting system.


voluntary work, that is, unpaid; and typically for some cause or charity


paid work undertaken normally
This includes employment and self-employment (typically as sole trader) which is not entrepreneurial.

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